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“I’ll know it when I see it.”

Sometimes the rug you have envisioned doesn’t exist yet. Or maybe it does but how to find it?

Even with our rich inventory of stock rugs at hand, there is not always the right piece immediately available. In fact a large proportion of the work we do involves either designing and manufacturing or globally sourcing rugs that meet a specific design brief. It’s our specialty.

Through our international network of suppliers and partners we can source a wide range of styles and qualities. Need an oversize 19th century Persian masterpiece? A custom sized rug from one of the world’s leading international designers’ catalogues?  Or maybe a curated collection of authentic tribal textiles, we love the thrill of the chase.

If we can’t source the pieces your project requires then we can design and make them. We work directly with producers around the world to give us the ability to design, develop and produce in a wide and diverse range of traditional and contemporary qualities, textures and price points.

You bring your personal vision or a project brief and our in-house design and production team can work with you to bring them to life.

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