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What Do We Do?

Temple Fine Rugs not only curates a collection of the world’s most beautiful and culturally significant carpets, but is also the West Australian agent for many of the world-leading rug producers and designers. This offering of the antique, vintage, revived and contemporary has defined Temple Fine Rugs as a destination for those who seek style, quality and authenticity. This extensive catalogue has ensured an enduring relationship with Perth’s architectural and interior design professionals. However, Temple Fine Rugs also works with homeowners to ensure practicalities, placement and pure aesthetics align in selections for their homes.

What's Our Philosophy?

"Hallmarks of authenticity, quality and integrity define our rugs and carpets. We are interested in enduring style and identifying tomorrow’s classics in today’s trends. Even when sourcing for our ultra-modern contemporary collections, we always ask ourselves: 'Will this still be valid in five years’ time?' Good design and integrity are the cornerstones of our business.”
Chris Hoyne and Sandy Brennan

Who are Temple Fine Rugs?

Owners Chris Hoyne and Sandy Brennan have worked within the design industry for a combined 50 years. Chris began working in the rug and carpet business in the mid-1990s when his father Terry first launched Temple Fine Rugs as Gallery DOBAG. With an intimate knowledge of rugs that’s been passed down by his father and honed over the past 20 years, Chris knows traditional rugs; a former advertising professional and graphic designer, he also understands good design. Taking over the business in 2004, Chris was soon joined by wife Sandy. A professional interior and product designer, she brings her extensive understanding of design and style to the business. Together, they have grown Temple Fine Rugs into an international-focused rug and carpet house that brings the best authentic and contemporary designs into Western Australia. Terry, whilst no longer involved in the retail side of the business, leads unique small group tours to Morocco and Turkey.

How did Temple begin?

Passion. Authenticity. Integrity. These words defined the launch of Temple Fine Rugs (then Gallery DOBAG) into the Perth market in the late 1990s. Chris’ father Terry developed a passion for rugs while travelling around Nepal, India and Turkey in the early 1990s. This passion saw him seek out Dr Harald Bohmer while travelling through Istanbul. A strong friendship developed between the two men and that association saw Terry and Temple Fine Rugs become part of the global movement that revived natural dyeing in the carpet weaving industry of Turkey.

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